Wednesday, July 24, 2013

11-Year-Old Girl From Yemen Flees Arranged Marriage, Posts YouTube Video Telling Her Story

From Global News Canada:
A video posted on LiveLeak and YouTube on Sunday tells the story of an 11-year-old girl from Yemen called Nada Al-Ahdal.

Looking right into the camera, Nada says her parents tried to force her into an arranged marriage but she fled to her uncle’s house, who works as a graphic artist for a local TV station.

She talks about how in Yemen it is common for kids to commit suicide if they are forced into marriage, and how some children’s lives are stolen from them.

Nada is now waiting in hopes that journalists, human-rights activists and different local organizations will help her make a strong case against her parents who are trying to get her back so they can go on with the marriage process.

Yemeni law states that girls of any age are allowed to wed, and according to the United Nations, Yemen has the second youngest population in the world as there are so many young brides.

Nada’s video has now been viewed more than two million times on YouTube.
(via RDnet)

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