Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christopher Hitchens' widow on his death: "God never came up"

September 7, 2012 on CBS News:
Christopher Hitchens, the acclaimed and often controversial author, took on many topics throughout his prolific career -- he condemned religion in his well-known tome "God is Not Great," and in his last work, he chronicled his ordeal with esophageal cancer.

Hitchens died of cancer in December 2011 and his last book, "Mortality," has just been published. It includes seven essays he penned for "Vanity Fair," and a final chapter that he never finished.

Friday morning, Hitchens' widow, Carol Blue, joined "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose to discuss the highly anticipated work of non-fiction and her husband's legacy and last hours.

Blue said her husband remained cognizant and in good spirits until "hours before he died," from a case of "serious pneumonia" Blue says he caught in the hospital.
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