Sunday, February 13, 2011

Father Ray Comes Out

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Aired February 11, 2011 on Channel 4
Father Ray is a warm, gregarious vicar who has been leading his central London parish for three years.

He has transformed his parish, building a community in central London, where many struggle with feelings of anonymity. Ray and the parishioners have had their ups and downs but have built a warm and loving church.

Now Ray is prepared to jeopardise all his work for the truth, and share a very personal secret with them: he is gay. He's decided that in order to be a good minister he must be honest with his parish.

But admitting homosexuality as a vicar is not straightforward. Ray knows his news is unlikely to be welcomed by an Anglican Church that projects an ambivalent view of homosexuality. And it could be challenging to some of his more conservative parishioners. He risks alienating some of the people he considers his friends.

Anna Llewellyn's First Cut film observes Ray as he deals with the fallout from his sermon and discovers whether or not his words have sown the seeds for a greater understanding and tolerance he dearly hopes for.
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