Sunday, December 5, 2010

ABC News: Ad Campaign Promoting Atheism Across U.S. Draws Ire and Protest

December 5, 2010 on ABC News:
This holiday season, after the marathon of shopping and stressful travel comes to a close, the masses will finally gather to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. But one group says it is using the most religious time of the year to call attention to the plight of an often forgotten group: non-believers and atheists.

Advertisements paid for by the American Humanist Association -- an organization of non-believers -- have been popping up on television, radio and on billboards in cities across the country.

The organization has spent more than $200,000 to get their campaign out into the public this season, with the hope that it will encourage atheists across the country to step out of the closet.
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  1. "Our season"? Fuck you, Bill Donohue. Nobody owns winter.

  2. How can ABC let that crap about "Our season" fly??

    Then show three religious people, of which one hides behind the law. 

    Journalism still in the toilet.

  3. Whenever I see something like this, I just sigh to myself, and think, "they really don't know any better."

  4. Uggggh, bad journalism.

    Nowhere int here did any atheist EVER say that the ads were supposed to MOCK religion (even though they should), that was all the news agency.

  5. Cmon people - it's getting MASSIVE TV coverage - even a piss poor report like this is good. There's been a good response to it apparently with even some of the bible belt humanist groups seeing an uptake. 

  6. Their season... Lol that's a good one. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday and the Xtians hijacked it; violently. Just a few minutes of research into all that is Christmas will reveal it's pagan origins. Here's a fun fact: on the winter solstice the three stars in Orion's belt (originally know as the 'Three Kings") make a perfect line with Venus (the virgin) and the the point on the horizon where the sun (son) will rise. Also; it's no coincidence that Easter takes place near the spring equinox.

  7. Fail US news broadcasting. Way to be biased.