Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uganda Court Rules Against Publishing More Pictures of Gays

November 2, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English


  1. I think they need an absurdist movement; a large number of sympathizers willing to state they're gay (preferably if already married and/or respectable person) only to recant during a trial and bring the legal/prison system to a standstill or breaking point.

  2. BluePrint,

    I do not know if the story below is true, and I cannot remember when and where it was suppossed to have happened.

    There was a massacre being committed against Catholics in the province of some Africa country in the 50's. In one village, an army truck pulled up outside of the catholic church before Sunday mass to round up those arriving for the service. Word got around to the protestant church's in the village, and all the church's sent there congregations to the Catholic Church, chanting "We are all Catholics now". Such was the ensueing chaos, the truck left empty.

    It would be great to see something similar happen in Uganda. Sadly, religious hatred of homosexuals as such a hold upon the country - such a move seems extremely unlikely.

    What is needed is world condemnation. Write to your political leaders, and members of Parliment etc, and demand that they speak out!

    When an atrocity is taking place, silence is not an acceptable way to respond! So if people have not already done so, get writing - and if you have written then write again, and again.

  3. “...the anti-gay movement is led by evangelical preachers backed by American missionaries who fuel the recent surge of homophobia.”

    Is this really that surprising?

    It is tactically brilliant, although cowardly, for American evangelical missionaries to go to another country that has a weaker legal system than the United States so that they can execute a more fully realized form of their agenda.