Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ex-Priest Held in Plot to Kill Sex Abuse Victim

November 24, 2010 on Fox News
From AP:
A defrocked Roman Catholic priest has been charged with trying to hire someone to murder a Texas teenager who accused him of sexual abuse two years ago, officials said.

John Fiala, 52, was arrested by state troopers Thursday after he negotiated a 5,000 dollar hit with an undercover agent, the Texas Department of Public Safety said in a statement.
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  1. “It broke my heart... those stories are painful...”

    Apparently, not painful enough for the Church to fucking do something practical about it, eh?

  2. <span>“It broke my heart... those stories are painful...”</span>

    <span>Apparently, not painful enough for the Catholic Church to fucking do something practical about it, eh? Oh wait, that's right... the Church isn't practical... that would require reasoned thought. :p</span>

  3. If a defrocked, molesting priest takes the extra step of murder, he's gotta be from a state where the righteous execute sinners via assembly line.
    Religion and Cowboy Culture: What a combination.
    If these musings make me a bigot, I don't give a shit.

  4. just to think about it is sad..

    Sad ? Did he say: sad?

    Is there no better fitting word for these hideous crimes?

  5. Just to think about it is "sickening"

  6. It is a good thing religion was around to provide a basis for morality. Who knows what this guy would have done without it.

  7. This guy is not worried because he accepts Jeebus as his savior. This allows to do anything he wants and still get into his private club in the sky when he dies. Just accept Jeebus and you can get away with murder.

  8. Christianity, the religion of priests. If your a priest you can do anything. A few hail mary's to yourself and your good to go to the next victim.