Friday, October 1, 2010

Koranic School - Sudan

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(Thanks Hafiz)


  1. No wonder they're so messed up in the head. This is disgustingly inhuman and I feel nothing but absolute revulsion for it. Going to war to stop this kind of abuse is extremely justifiable.

  2. Yes, it is disgusting but I'm not so sure that war is the answer...

    “I have caused great calamities. I have depopulated provinces and kingdoms. But I did it for the love of Christ and his Holy Mother.”
    -- Queen Isabella of Spain

  3. This is about as disgusting as it gets, but I see war as a way of protecting my life and rights and not as a way of stopping some insane way of life in another country. So far as saving people from hellish abuse, I  firmly disagree with altruistic wars. 

  4. Exactly! I believe that the Xn fanatics in the U.S. will do anything for the "love of Christ"; that's what makes them extremely dangerous. One day, they'll figure out a solution to their "atheist problem." They'll decide not to let their kids lose "salvation" because of the influence of atheism. The rise of cultish fanaticism as "normal" is really scary stuff.

  5. I can only muster one simple word when I watch this...motherfuckers. I want to see those 'men' feel the force of their own whips and see how they like it. I don't believe in the concept of evil, but chaining children is as close as I think you can get.

    One more example of religion's poisonous influence on the hearts of man.

  6. the thing is: I can't bring myself to thinking these man are "evil" in principal. Seems to me these are brainwashed into it just like they're doing to those kids. They probably believe wholeheaertedly in what they are doing.
    How to break that revolting cycle? I have no idea, but IMHO it should start with well known muslim spiritual leaders to denounce this practise.

    But when have we heard of Muslim Spiritual leaders denouncing anything they didn't perceive as an insult to muhammed or allah or islam in general? I sure can't remember. 
    Too bad you cannot send a plane to carpetbomb that place with education..