Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who is Potholer54?

Peter Hadfield's Youtube Channel:
After numerous requests and much speculation I have decided to 'out' myself and reveal my identity and resume. I hope this will add weight to the research I present on this channel, although I am still not the source for the information presented in my videos. My sources are all listed, and should be checked. I would like my 'outing' to also act as a launch pad for opinion and comment in some of my future videos, where it is warranted and based on my own expertise. However, most of my videos will remain factual. I prefer to present the facts, show my sources, let people check the facts and make up their own minds. You don't need me to tell you what to think. Facts speak for themselves.
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    1. This is possibly one of the coolest stories I've seen here in a while!  Thanks for the backgrounder, Potholer!  You rock!!

    2. WOW!!! Thats pretty impressive!

    3. Thanks for outing yourself. Science in the media will be fascinating. Love to hear your views on Fox News and their reporting of what they call science.

    4. This is more impressive than I could have imagined. I'm very glad he decided to out himself.

    5. Awesome!  Potholer54, you have more support out here than you probably realize.

      With your skill and clear accuracy, you will move mountains with a wave of your hand...  (in this case, your pen)

    6. Is Pat Condell a Pseudonym for Peter Hadfield aka Potholer54? They might not be, but their voices are very similar.

      Check out Pat Condells videos on youtube, they are awesome!