Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Irish Joke

by Pat Condell


  1. Oh Jebus don't let John see this! His head will asplode from the "insensitivity"!

  2. Pat,you can't fix stupid!

  3. Even when I agree with Pat, I have a hard time listening to him on account of his poorly disguised rage.  His delivery is so bad that I wish he were saying things I disagreed with, so I could be properly annoyed instead of pained by it.

    He hurts his cause by being so irrationally angry all of the time.  Nobody who disagreed with him would ever be swayed by his way of arguing.  He will be remembered by his opponents as evidence that "the other side are raving, angry madmen."  

    Disagree?  Imagine his manner of speaking, but with creationist nonsense, etc., being said instead.   Could you ever respect a person who was wrong and who presented himself in this way?

  4. Jason,

    Even Richard Dawkins is used by his opponents as evidence that "the other side are raving, angry madmen." Gentility only gets you so far. I like what Pat has to say and how he says it because what you're calling "rage" in Pat's presentations really has a much more accurate name: outrage. I expect a good dose of outrage from Pat, and I think he does it with decent style and dry humor. Frankly, I think that if Pat's "agreeing detractors" made videos on the same topics, I'd probably fall asleep trying to watch them.

  5. You see rage where I see passion - and a dose of passionate anger is just the tonic to keep a liberal community's attention focussed.