Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Australian Liberal Candidate Sacked Over Anti-Islam Comments

July 25, 2010 on ABC News (Australia)
Today Mr Barker stood by his statements, telling the ABC there should not be a Muslim in parliament and questioning whether the country was ready for an atheist prime minister. “...I don’t know if we want at this stage in Australian politics a Muslim in the parliament and an atheist running the government.”
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  1. Hey john. What's your take on this bloke? No muslims OR atheists. Good guy or bad guy? What would pat condell do?

  2. <span>Dunno. Condell might note that criticism of Islam, considered by some to be racist and intolerable, deserves expulsion of this fat slob, but his anti-atheism is not even worth mentioning.  </span>

  3. There are some who oppose Islam for the laudable reason that they despise the theocracy that is inherent in its tenets, and all the human rights violations that occur as a result of that inherent theocratic attitude.  But then there are those who oppose Islam for disgusting reasons, such as those who oppose it only because it's competition for their own preferred theocracy, and those who oppose it only because its practiced by icky brown foreigners.  You can tell which one of these cases somebody is by seeing what ELSE they oppose besides Islam.  In this case you can tell this is just a "Theocracy is wonderful as long as its my theocracy" sort of person.

  4. pure racist bs by the fat liberal "muslims don't fit in" yea mate great intellectual argument right there