Monday, July 12, 2010

Dispatches: Africa's Last Taboo (Clip)

Clips from the Channel 4 documentary 'Dispatches: Africa's Last Taboo'
Aired July 12, 2010 and still available on 4oD (UK Only)
Gay people in Africa are facing increased persecution in a continent where two thirds of countries retain laws against homosexuals.

Award-winning filmmaker Sorious Samura investigates for Dispatches what it is like to be a gay person in Africa, discovering shocking levels of prejudice and hate, driven by governments, religious organisations and communities.
(via TreVelocita)


  1. I certainly hope that they don't pass the bill to kill gays or imprison them for life, or imprison them at all for that matter. This is what blind faith in a book does. It makes people blindly follow what ever irrational meaning they can get out of it.

  2. This is disturbing on so many levels - not just the religious. The rhetoric is also blatantly racist, and brings up some really tough questions about universal human rights.

  3. So good to see Christainity and Islam coming together for a united cause... oh... wait...

  4. Bill Engle is one creepy dude. Anyone who can't stop smiling and laughing even while talking about such serious issues is messed up.

  5. R€LIGION Stinks of moneyJuly 14, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    I really dispair when watching this. I don´t think that homophobia existed in Africa before the missionaries, colonialist´s and now religion .

    For all the people who sat with their hands in the lapse and watched Evangelical Christian´s gain foothold in the United States should be ashamed of themselves.

    I only wish we could give all these people asylum from those ignorant and hate filled people.