Monday, July 5, 2010

A Conversation Between Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking

A clip from the Channel 4 documentary 'Genius of Britain'
Last aired June 3, 2010 and still available on 4oD (UK Only)
(via Atheist Planet)


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  2. yeah it's pretty awesome to see them together but i was expecting a bit more from this.  it doesn't seem like hawking empathizes with dawkins when it comes to the tenacity with which he battles ideology and religious ignorance.  i'd kind of gotten that impression before i saw this video too, but this kinda just backed it up.  

    notice at one point hawking even questions dawkins's reputation in an almost patronizing tone.  i'd love to know what hawkins really thinks about religion.

  3. Who is hawkins? OMG they FUSED!!!

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