Saturday, July 17, 2010

BBC Storyville: Leaving the Cult

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Aired July 5, 2010 on BBC 4
Documentary which tells the story of three teenage boys who manage to escape a polygamist Mormon cult in Utah. As they struggle to come to terms with life in the real world, we learn about the extraordinary lives they used to live - in houses with many mothers, where their sisters may be married off at 14 and, surprisingly, where no-one can wear red in case it offends the Second Coming. Powerfully emotional and compelling, a fascinating insight to a community it's hard to believe exists.
(Thanks to TreVelocita)


  1. We are such monkeys still.

  2. Where else can this be viewed?  It's gone from youtube.

  3. I was asked politely but firmly by one of the film's director/producers to remove the videos from YouTube.

    It was only called 'Leaving The Cult' for the BBC4 broadcast, the proper title is Sons of Perdition -

    Trailer here: