Friday, June 11, 2010

Pope Addresses Priest Abuse Scandal

June 11, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English
Pope Benedict XVI has moved a step closer to saying sorry for the scandal regarding the abuse of children by priests that has plagued the Roman Catholic church.

Benedict begged for forgiveness from God and victims in front of thousands of priests and pledged to "do everything possible" to prevent future cases of abuse.

However, it wasn't quite the apology that some had wanted.


  1. They rape the children that I had to have because they told me that abortion is murder, condoms are evil and the pill is an abomination.  And sure it was my little son being raped by a catholic priest, which is technically homosexuality that they also tell me is a vile sin, but I still love the Pope because I'm a Catholic and that means I'm not only Christian, I'm the most retarded form of Christian possible!  >:o   /end angry rant.

  2. Why the hell does he asks god for forgiveness before the victims?

  3. Just a few possible reasons:

    * He's practicing before delivering the speech to an actual audience.
    * He's getting the easy absolution out of the way first.
    * He's more afraid of what a deity might do to him & his colleagues than what they did to the victims.

  4. I was thinking more along the line of... We know god most probably don't exist, but if they believe he does, then god seems to be an accomplish in these crimes, or at least guilty in the same way as the pope is, in not stopping crimes he could have stopped, or covering it up. So it seems to me he shouldn't have asked god's forgiveness, but rather should have said something like "God and I ask your forgiveness for..."

  5. <span>This guy condones his institutionalized child rape machine. In any form, it's wrong and completely against every code of ethics ever written. Pardon my french, but fuck that asshole. Some people just deserve the basest of words.</span>

  6. Who gives a damm about this forgiveness of God/ Why isn't he down the local police station helping with enquirie?

    And there is stiil a deafening silence on this from many catholic countries.