Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guards of the Revolution - Iran

In this exclusive report, former senior members of the Revolutionary Guard offer a view from behind the scenes of the government following the disputed elections. A horrifying portrait from inside Iran's security institutions and prisons.
(Thanks ravenzero)


  1. finally it's moving forward! I have been watching iranian politics for quite a while and I am shocked about how unsupportive we are... For example this iraqu-iranian war did not only cost the lifes of millions of soldiers and civilians, many do not know or try to forget the children being send out on minefields after the war by the religious leaders to get killed. They were recruited in their schools: people telling them, that, when killed on the minefields, they would bring bliss to their families and be proceeding streight into paradise. Their parents were told afterwards, that their expoloding bodies had changed into roses and flowers (As you might guess, they never supported that missions but were only left to grieve for their dead children and hope that it was true). One very macabre fact about this is, that the kids were handed out keys by the recruiters, keys to paradise as they were told. The keys were soon exchanged by plastic keys, produced in taiwan, because of the production of metal keys was simply too expensive. 
    The recent president Mahmoud ahmadinejad was one of this recruiters. The ayatollah khomeini was one of the initiators. 
    There is more than just their unsupportable regime we should be disgusted with. As we life in an era of global communication through means of internet or as in the video mentioned skype etc. we should at least show these regime-opponents more support than ever. 

  2. Did not know that they hired Lebanese and Palestinians to massacre the protesters.