Friday, May 14, 2010

The Streets - Alleged Legends

by The Streets - Amazon
Some people live their lives by a little red book
The points for right lying out and guides them good
They never really mimic every word by eye
'Cuz if they did they'd be in a whole world of strife
The book's quite old school, but then it was tough
It contains some quite experimental justice
The thinking people are thinking that without this book
That without these verses we'd pillage and murder but,
Following this red book word for word
Leads you to actually pillage and murder
Could it be so what we think to be right,
Is simply the opinion that survived?

Do what you think's right, and you will feel alright
'Cuz when you're bad you will feel sad
That's the religion I live by
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  1. Not their best, but I do like The Streets.

  2. It sounds (and reads) like a slow 4 year old made a song up in 2 minutes. I'm stunned by how bad this is.

    'The points for right lying out and guides them good'- I could pick words out of a hat and make more sense than this!

    I think he might also be getting his Maos and Messiahs confused.

  3. I'm with you Chris.  The Streets (Mr Skinner) has done some great work.