Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polish Priest Misses The Inquisition

Father Raphael Trytek


  1. This guy is a homosexual in denial. I'm sure all this "burn them at the stakes" talk will be recanted when he is caught in a sexual act with a man.

  2. Sounds more like he is the one with the disease.

  3. Nope. Then, he will just seek arbitrary forgiveness from his invisible cloud-man. Which will require that he enter a dark box with another man, get on his knees and... oh wait. There could be some dangerous feedback loop being formed here.

  4. I am now officially ashamed of being polish... Well no i would rather say, that i am happy, that i grew up in some other Country and i Hope People in poland and my friends there could get this People silenced!!!! This is Crazy!!!!! Is he really saying, that Gays should Be burnt?! Can't be true... Shame on Radio Maria and alike!!

  5. If homosexuals can be healed, why would burning them at the stake be on the table?

  6. Because these people always contradict themselves, none of their shit make sense at all. They don't even understand that they do it - and because he is just evil and seems to take perverted pleasure in the mere thought.

  7. <span><span>This guy goes from wanting to burn 'faggots' at the stake, "because they violate the natural law" to wanting "appropriate therapy" to "heal such an unfortunate person".</span>

    I have 7 questions.

    Question 1: If homosexuality is a disease, as he says, how then is it not natural? Aren't diseases natural? They certainly aren't supernatural.

    Question 2: Which action do you want to take, killing them or healing them? Or is your way of healing gays, murder?

    Question 3: Going back to homosexuality as a disease. Could you please point out the actual cells of the disease in the body? Or are you using the word disease in the "disorder" definition of the word?

    Question 4: What is your take on the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill?"

    Question 5: You claim gays are in fact, unhappy. Yet you don't provide evidence for your claim, could you do so now? In addition, do you ever wonder if the source of any unhappiness may in fact come from your own persecution, alienation, and vilification of homosexuals and homosexuality?

    Question 6: After claiming that homosexuality is a disease, you were asked where it comes from. You answered "Upbringing", "pathologies, and it being "in fashion." How can a disease be transferred in such a manner?

    Question 7: You claim "only a few percent of people show such tendencies." Could you be more precise than "a few", and could you please provide your source or evidence for that number? Also, if they are showing it, how are you able to distinguish between gay and straight tendencies?

    Thank you.

  8. This is what religion gets you - blind hatred.  This guy is the Fred Phelps of Poland.

  9. I'll have a stab at anwering for the priest, if you don't mind:

    1. He subscribes to the demon theory of disease. (teach the controversy!)

    2. It appears that the cure for homosexuality is to send them to god for treatment.

    3. See answer to question 1.

    4. It's the immutable word of god... that sometimes also immutably says to kill people.

    5. The gays are unhappy because of their supernatural disease. Alienation, vilification and persecution are just symptoms ordered by god.

    6. The homosexual demons were simply waiting through the generations until it would be socially acceptible to "come out".

    7. Ahhh... I've got nothing here.

  10. If something about the human body disgusts you, the fault lies with the manufacturer.
    If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.

    Lenny Bruce

  11. Saskia, you shouldn't be ashamed of your country because some people have opinions like this one. Should Americans be ashamed of their country because Fred Phelps says things like this? Although it's true it could become a problem if this would be an opinion of majority.

  12. Anyone who wants to stick anything up someone's butt (poop hole) is sick!
    Lots of sick/confused people in this world not just the homo's.
    This site must be run by gays. Lots of gay stories.

  13. Who cares if they are sick or not, as long as they dont hurt other people?

  14. I meant it As a joke! No i am Not shamed but i really feel
    à regret that this could happen in a Country that is progressing in many Parts but than, there are These priests and many other People who want poland to become a Second vatican etc. Did you Ever hear of à Movement called moherwe berety? I heard, that for example a Big Part of polish People are at agnostic/atheists and 6% of Christianed catholics do say they are Not believing, but this doesn't change anything Till they Start to get organized.... You Know what i mean?

  15. first of all - he is a prist - that explains a lot as far as his logic goes  :)
    second - he is at very right-crazy frindge of polish society which is by the rest  (99.5% of total)  simply ignored and laughted at.

  16. Why do you care what other people stick up their butts or where guys put their penises?

  17. Anyone who wants to put anything other than food or water in their mouths are sick and confused! And sticking your pee-pole in her pee-hole is icky too! Sex is all about organs multitasking (with the eventual exception of the clitoris, women's consolation prize for having to painfully push babies out through their sexual orifice). BTW, god must've thought pretty highly of anal sex, because he put more nerve endings on the anus (i.e. made it more sensitive) than on the penis!

  18. I don't understand this, wasn't jesus gay as well?

  19. You know, guys like this make it very difficult to have a reasonable conversation about homosexuality.  When I try to state that we don't know why people are gay (still very coorelary evidence that isn't conclusive) people automatically assume that I'm trying to defend a "gays are evil" world view.  That's of course not the case, but given people liek this, it predisposes people of any reasonalbe position to assume a genetic cause for homosexuality, when one has not yet been found.

  20. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥May 26, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    The irony is if they do find what causes homosexuality, the Catholics will keep on breeding them as they don´t believe in birth control and abortion.

    Most of the gays I know and myself included have known that they were different since the age of 4 or 5.

  21. Who wants to bet that this idiot is gayer than Ted Haggard?

  22. He wants to cure them, but burning would be more fun. It's all a part of their 'Hate the sin, love the sinner' thing. They hate the sin, but sin is an abstraction so you can't actually get to grips with it unless you go via the corporeal host - the sinner. So you burn the sinner, but it is for their own good. A few minutes of agony and, hey presto, sin gone. Of course god will then burn them in an infinity of agony forever, but there is definitely love involved somewhere.

    Otherwise the priest would just be a mean-spirited, bigoted jerk and and that couldn't possibly be the case.

    Polish Guy,

    Obviously this idiot is not representative in any way of the Polish people. But 99.5%? Isn't that optimistic? It would make Poland the most gay-friendly nation on earth, which I doubt.

  23. All of the ten commandments (remember, old testament) only work for these people when you add the paranthetical: "Other Jews".

    Thou shalt not kill (other Jews)
    Thou shalt not steal (from other Jews)

    Otherwise, the bible makes no sense in light of the commandments and it's many teachings in direct opposition to those commandments.

  24. you are right but I was referring to the crazy-talk. nonetheless there is still a lot of work to be done.

  25. Interesting..since from my own memory I knew I was hetero at about the age of 5...long before I understood love, sexuality, genes etc..

  26. Easy, easy this guy is excommunicated. it is not formally recognised as catholic priest. He is part of sedevacantism movement and I have to say they are the most crazy guys in this circus.

  27. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥May 27, 2010 at 1:35 AM

    Yes it is interesting 1984. It certainly not easy having the awareness of being different at that early an age. I remember having crushes on boys at the age of 7 and having a huge crush on Travolta (pass me the sick bucket please) around that time too.

    Gay children are particularly vunerable to bullying.