Monday, May 3, 2010

The Internet: Where Religions Come to Die

From Pharyngula:
You may recall that today the Mormons are trying to push up the rankings of a truly stupid video which argues that the fact that someone believes in something fervently means it must be true. Don't bother watching the Mormon video — in fact, avoid giving it any more traffic — and instead follow this link to the Thunderf00t video and click on the "Like" button to vote it up, and also leave a comment. The more input, the better. We don't quite have the numbers of the Mormon church, so spread the word and get more people to join in.


  1. Comments on the video are moderated, so that only positive comments are posted.  Interesting.

  2. @Steve

    Prove it, Steve.
    Thunderf00t strongly opposes censorship so I doubt your claim is true.

  3. Still does a lot of harm while it's ferociously kicking about in its death throes...

  4. Comments on the "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" video?  Or comments on the Thunderf00t video?  I don't know why Thunderf00t would moderate comments - although, he did get hit with a bot-attack a while back that was downvoting all his videos.  (He documented it a while back, how all of a sudden he was getting a very large number of downvotes across his videos.)

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