Monday, May 17, 2010

Dr. Glenn Beck

From Religion Dispatches:
Saturday morning in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University conveyed an honorary doctorate in humanities and scientists on Mormon conservative media heavyweight Glenn Beck.

Breaking into his trademark tears, Beck told the stadium of 8,000 Liberty University grads and 20,000 friends and family members, "as a man who was never able to go to college—I went for one semester but I couldn’t afford any more than that---I am humbled and honored."

Beck immediately offered an apology of sorts for his Mormonism, saying that it was an act of “courage” for the fundamentalist Baptist Liberty University to invite him to speak and that he understood it was “not meant as an endorsement of my faith,” offering instead his own “endorsement of your faith,” emphasizing his personal belief in Jesus Christ, and exhorting the audience to “look to God and live,” a reference to the story of Moses and the brazen serpent (Numbers 21: 7 -9).
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  1. I don't take honorary degrees given to anyone as something serious.  Whatever honorary degree is given doesn't automatically show any understanding in that field.  It's really a useless sign of respect given.  

    One other thing, I personally wouldn't ever want to receive a honorary degree from Liberty University since I actually don't consider it a true university.  They actually teach creationism as more likely accurate than evolution in their biology courses.

  2. Wow.  Glen Beck and Liberty University.  It's hard to tell who's reputation is tarnished more by this - Glen or the university.

  3. He couldn't have misinterpreted Obama any more poorly. Yes, there is a lot of information available to us today. We are tasked with sorting out the bullshit like the stuff Glenn Beck spews.

  4. If only I were single?

    If only I were single (awkward pause) err... and you were a girl.

    If only I wasn't married to my wife I'd tap that.

    Soo much happened in that little exchange.

  5. Wow it is a fake university and a lying talk show host. That is so many fake things in one.

  6. got severe diarrhea half way through

  7. me too ;)  but you have to know whomever you want to dispute... so we as atheists should read for example the bible, not because of its being amusing, educating or something, but to know more or at least as much as your opponent ... and you have to listen to them while they're not looking ;)  so we have to listen to his theatrical display of tears and bullshit-talk.... even if it might harm our health haha