Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Virtue of the New Atheist is Clarity

From Pharyngula:
A very nice statement by Dawkins: the virtue of the New Atheist is clarity, not shrillness, not certainty, not militancy, and the problem is our opponents all have to be obscurantists to make excuses for folly


  1. <span>The most seductive, romantic and, the most explanatory use of the word 'bullshit'  I've heard so far in my life and, I've heard quite a few. 
    :) . 
    This elderly gentlemen got it right !. 

  2. I love when Dawkins brings up how the people call him arrogant, shrill and strident, and then always goes on to say "Oh I think I'm rather meek and gentle!"  He bats his eyes and uses his gentle ol man voice.   But I can think of 50 clips where arrogant, shrill and strident are EXACTLY what characterize him.  But those are the clips I love the most...the ones where he's calling bullshit bullshit.  You may not like the reputation Richard, but face it, you're a dick sometimes. 

  3. No, being a dick is insulting someone who doesn't deserve it for reasons that aren't fair.  A righteous deserved put-down that shows in no uncertain terms exactly where someone is using intentionally dishonest bullshit in their rhetoric is not being a dick - it's called doing a service to humanity.

  4. Have to agree.

    On the occasions Richard seems shrill and righteous, it is very clear that frustration and not rudeness fuel his ire.

  5. Arrogant, Shrill, and Strident: Irrefutably effective, ration speech.
    Dick: A Blinkered repudiator.