Monday, May 31, 2010

David Cross - Mormonism

From Bigger and Blackerer (2010)


  1. the first 3:40 of this is really good

  2. yeah, after that it just gets boring.

  3. As an ex-Mormon and a student of Mormon history, I just have to call out David Cross on his ignorance. He gets the basic contours of a few historical facts right, but the specifics and the chronology are all messed up.

    I could outline where exactly Cross was incorrect, if there's interest. Just be wary of using what you heard against your Mormon friends.

    It's a real shame, too, that he was sloppy with the facts. Because he could have crafted a sound argument and sold it with humor (which Cross is generally great at).

  4. Isn't being a raving lunatic and a proven fraud the primary qualifications for starting a religion, and in hindsight, haven't that alwas been so?

  5. <span>

    Another stupid gay promoting video. Yes david cross is gay or bi.
    Do gays ever think things thru? Blaming the Mormons because gays don't have the rights to be with their dying disgusting partner in the hospital is as stupid as one can get.
    And again where does the slippery slide stop if all "deviant lifestyles are given the same rights as a married couple (Male/female)?
    Gays don't want equal rights, they want special rights above the rest of us. How many of us don't have the rights of a married couple in the hospital? Answer: the rest of us, stupid!

  6. <span><span>Non-believer</span></span><span></span><img></img>

     I think you and I are the only atheists on this site who aren't raving lunatics for gay rights. I really don't get all the gay videos on here.

  7. My God, you truly are a monster among men. A shining example of what makes religion and the religious truly wicked and bothing but a blight on humanity. The ignorance that flows from your mouth like pus from an oozing, infected wound is laughable at best, mortifying at worst. People like you really need to reevaluate what sort of lovign god would ever approve of this bullshit you are spewing. And, btw, Gay being bad was old testement law. Jesus never said anyhting about homosexuality and when jesus came, he renigged all the old laws

  8. OK, we get it, humans who arn't like you are lunatics and don't deserve human rights.
    Now that we settled that, will you leave and stop bothering those who don't care for your opinion?
    You don't see anyone here denigrating your heterosexual lifestyle, do you?

  9. Trolling on the Internet. What's the point...

  10. The moron said: "<span> Blaming the Mormons because gays don't have the rights to be with their dying disgusting partner in the hospital is as stupid as one can get. "</span>

    Nice try, liar, but if you claim to be a person who knows the trends on this site then you already know the history of the Mormon Church and Prop 8 based on all the past posts on that very topic made here.  I don't believe for a moment that you are as ignorant as you pretend to be on the subject.  Given your past behavior here, dishonesty is the more likely explanation.  You've already proven from your behavior here that you think bashing gays is such an important cause that it trumps having to be honest, in your mind.

  11. Why not have you and your sockpuppet go off and form your own site then?  You can use the tagline, "Belief in god isn't the only kind of dishonest irrational behavior people can engage in.  Nonbeliever and I are living proof!"

  12. Wow, atheist homophobes, thats a new one. Rational thinking dosn't just apply to scientific issues guys, thats why most atheists are pro gay rights and pro feminism.

  13. I have never said one negative thing about homosexuals on this site. I have only complained about videos that have nothing to do with atheism or religion. I have several gay friends who I love and respect. Their  sexual orientation has no effect on me and I couldn't care less. I even attended a couple of gay weddings and enjoyed them.

    Now call me names and tell me to keep my opions to myself and prove your fascism. BTW I have always loved Cross' humor.

  14. So, ElGuapo, you presumably can have no objection to the video you just watched- unless you believe it  'Has nothing to do with religion.' which is hardly a valid claim in this case? I think you'll find pretty much every gay-rights video posted here has some relation to religious persecution.
    You say you have gay friends, which is a very familair tune, but you apparently 'couldn't care less' about their sexuality. Thats not really the same thing as accepting it, is it?
    And finally if you really believe that gay-rights seinsitive people are facists, you are suffering from a delusion as great as any theists, and greater than most.

  15. And although its irrelevant I should add Cross is straight and has an extremely attractive girlfriend. Whats he doing in that clip there, you see, is empathising. Give it a try, you might like it.

  16. Oh! I'm sorry, for a time I was under the impression you're in agreement with Non-believer, who argues for discrimination against homosexuals based on bogus health reasons.

    Now that it's clear you're only against the subject of homosexuality being mentioned under the Atheist title, you can stop posting those videos to this blog.

    What's that? You don't own or edit this blog?
    Well then, there's only one way to stop the annoyance, is there?
    (or does voicing your displeasure to those who don't care for it give you more peace of mind)