Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pope's Preacher Compares Abuse Row to Anti-Semitism

April 2, 2010 on BBC News:
Pope Benedict's personal preacher has compared criticism of the pontiff and Church over child abuse to "collective violence" suffered by the Jews.

The Rev Raniero Cantalamessa was speaking at Good Friday prayers in St Peter's Basilica, attended by the Pope.
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  1. Christians complaining about collective guilt.. well..that's rich.

  2. I'm waiting for the full report on this story. Just who the hell is this "Jewish friend" that poorly compared the attacks against the Vatican to anti-Semitism?  And seriously, it is extremely un-Catholic for fundamental Catholics to associate themselves with the Jews in any way, so just what is going on here?

  3. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 3, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Jesus Christ!! This is absolutely obscene! They´re playing victim now?!!! >:o
    Have they no decency these people?
    Anti-semitism!! This coming from a church that only ex-communicated one Nazi and that was because he married a protestant.  Where did a pale faced young Austrian get his anti-semitism from I wonder???  

    It is interesting to see that the religions are watching each others backs.  
    What a bunch of sick f*cks!

  4. Be careful not to over generalize though.  This is just one idiot raised in a cloistered culture that can't see the forest for the trees... wait, maybe you did say right the first time.

  5. So there are actually no depths to which these bastards will not sink. Why is that not a surprise?

    Joey Ratz is trying to distance himself from this, now that it has been shot down. Yeah, right. That sermon had to have been ok'ed by the man with the big hat.

  6. Is it my imagination or does he look exactly like the Archbishop of Canterbury?