Saturday, April 24, 2010

Father Morris Fields Questions of Faith From 'Red Eye' Robots

'Father Knows Best' April 24, 2010 on FOX News


  1. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 24, 2010 at 3:09 PM

    Red eye - a dumb show Father Morris ?
    Perhaps an embryo would find it stimulating.
    What is the demographic for this show? The comatose?

  2. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 24, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    Please please tell me that the host was joking regarding Pensacola.

  3. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 24, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    After Chris robot delievered his load-ed question Father Morris looked liked he needed a ciggy butt and hug.

    A phony question on theology from an inanimate object with a distorted voice is the equivalent to internet porn for any celibate priest.

  4. Oh well, atleast he doesn't support the death penalty.

  5. Off the hop - no benefits to rollerblading?  Stinkin' lazy-ass Faux News ... wrong at every turn.

    How much would it cost to get one of the robots to ask a question about what happens to priests who abuse children?

    RE: The death penalty - he might not support it in public, but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.  This is why they have clergy conferences.

  6. You know secretly, I've always kind of wanted to fuck father Morris. He has a cute, kind of innocent looking face and nice pale blue eyes. I bet he's all muscley underneath those clerics. It would be so satisfying to muss up that too-perfect newsman hair of his while I whispered into his ear my intent to commit outrageously blasphemous sex acts with him.

    Of course, I realize this is all just silly wishful thinking on my part and he's probably actually into much, MUCH younger guys.

  7. <span>You know secretly, I've always kind of wanted to fuck father Morris.</span>
    <span>As long as he doesn't talk during sex, eh? :-D </span>

  8. Agreed, he's totally hot... except when he's babblings about god. I'd have to use a gag on him.

  9. <span>He's so pretty and neat...  And, he knows what Jesus wants and, he's smiling so beautifully and, he has the answers for everything. His hands are so gentle and clean. I need his hands. 
    I think I am in love with him.</span>

  10. If their "man of the cloth" had been Jean Paul Gaultier or Ralph Lauren or a village weaver from somewhere I've never heard of, he'd have likely given more rational answers.

  11. Must be "a guy thing" ... I don't think I'm missing out though!!

  12. What's heaven like?

    The answer is this...


  13. His suit is not the only thing in the closet.


    Greg has finally given us an understanding of where his network places Father Morris in the scheme of entertainment: right above rollerblading while cat juggling.

  15. Did he just say, "I believe Jesus would weep at anyone's death"?

    How can that be?  The entire religion is based on the ultimate celebration that only 'begins' once you die.  I always thought they 'celebrated' death.  Now some elightened idiot clergy is saying Jesus would weep at anyone's death.  All these silly religious comments 'seem' to make sense in light of the question, but when you reverse it based on their idiot teachings, they make no sense.

    Besides, if Jesus weeps at anyone's death, the only thing he's been doing since his own death is weeping.  (We've had an awful lot of deaths since he died)

    Poor weeping Jesus.  The poor guy just never gets a break.  God is twisted to subject his son to constant weeping.  Or I guess God did that to himself.  Since Jesus is his son and himself at the same time. 

    How do we live in a world where people seriously believe this crap?

  16. <span>"" How do we live in a world where people seriously believe this crap?"" 
    How ? 
    Comfortably numb. That's how ! 
    Oh, how sweet it is to go with the flow  :-D </span>

  17. This Hero Father is becoming a bigger king of bull than ol'O'Reilly