Monday, April 5, 2010

Bob Schieffer: Catholic Church Has More Than PR Issue

April 4, 2010 on CBS Face the Nation


  1. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 5, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    Eh, The Roman Empire shaped us, Greek philosophy shaped us and even the Vikings shaped us. The Judeo-christian aspect is always over exaggerated.

    "The freedom, democracy, and parliamentary government of England, all have important roots in the Danelaw. In the northern countries from whence the Vikings came, it was the ancient custom for the people to meet in common court for the purposes of law and judgement. In such courts the people themselves were the arbitrators of justice and of practical matters" From here

    The last comment "but never in ways that endanger their children"
    Really? I guess you´ve never heard of the Jesus camps where they can pray the gay away.

  2. More importantly, I guess he's also never heard of Genesis <span>22:1-24, where god himself instructs Issac to KILL his own son (a request that Issac is only so happy to oblige). I am afraid Mr. Schieffer, that Christianity itself demands its adherents be ready to do the gravest of harm to their own children in order to prove thier faith, and this dictum is contained within its holiest book. </span>

    <span>So it is not "only with remorse" that we can observe this latest imploding spectacle of finally unmasked wickedness that the church has put on display for us most recently. No, it is with glee that I observe it, as it is hopefully the begining of the end of a horrible nightmare.</span>