Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pope to Address Letter to Irish Catholics Over Paedophilia Crisis

March 18, 2010 on France 24:
Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday he would sign a long-awaited letter to Irish Catholics voicing his "deep concern" over Ireland's paedophile priest scandal. Abuse scandals have swept through several European Catholic churches.
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  1. A letter? A LETTER?! Pfft.

  2. At least he is concerned.  Not actually *doing* anything about it but concerned.

  3. What was their "Good God", all-powerful, all-knowing and loving father advising these priests when they chose to act like this?  After all they claim these virtues for their god, and they claim to have a hot-line to him!!!  Even now that their disgraceful behaviour is coming more and more to light they show no sign of understanding what morality requires.

    They are a set of sexually repressed, delusional and predatory men in fancy dress.  And they keep on with the old refrain that we should respect them and look to their religion for guidelines on how to live!  Society needs to get the self-respect to climb out from under the heel of their abusive and dehumanising mindset.

    I deeply suspect anyone who claims that we need religion for moral guidelines, it makes me wonder what goes on in their heads that leads them to believe that without threats of eternal damnation they would do dreadful things!!

  4. can we just outlaw religion now please