Sunday, March 21, 2010

Irish React to Pope's Letter

March 21, 2010 on CNN
The pope's letter of apology is leading Irish newspapers. CNN's Nic Robertson reports on how it's being perceived.


  1. It is time, once and for all, that an independent enquiry brings some justice to the abused. The Catholic Church/priests are a shame on the face of humanity. Are these the actions of the spokesmen for God? I think not.

  2. I believe that the Pope's effort, as well as the Vatican's stance against abuse is a ray of hope for those who have lived their lives shrouded in silence borne of the shame of another who betrayed their trust and robbed them of their innocence. I remember when I attended in one of the Detroit Public Schools, the speaker told us that the best way to accept things is learning to forgive and forget. As we know hear the Pope met with and prayed with the victims of such abuse that occurred here in the states and while it may not be of much comfort to some, their suffering did reached as high within the Catholic Church as one can go and the Pope did respond and did try to comfort those who suffered under such abuse. He words followed his actions and he reached out to those in need.

  3. No Nescil, the Pope has personally been involved in covering up the abuse and now, finally, because of the media outcry, is having to say something.  But he and the RC Church are missing the point here: they are insisting that their religion's morality (wrongdoers will answer to God) and trying to dodge their culpability for protecting and basically facilitating the abusers by relocating them.

    So he says he's sorry now?  What explanation is there for the strategy of getting the abused to sign documents vowing to keep the abuse secret, under threat of eternal damnation?  Also, now their chief exorcist is claiming that the devil is at work within the church.  The invitation there is to see the RC Church as a victim also - how sick is that?  These are corrupt men who are not used to being questioned or held to account for their actions.  They are also used to being believed by their "blind faith" followers as always being "right".  Well, they are not right and they are not good. And to come up with an excuse (like a child caught for having eaten all the cookies) by saying "my imaginary friend/enemy did it" must surely be an insult to our intelligence!! 

  4. their suffering did reached as high within the Catholic Church as one can go

    No, the culpability reached as high within the Catholic Church as one can go.