Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinosaurs: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

First broadcast June 1994 on ABC
Download the full episode from Atheist Movies
Episode description:
The Council of Elders is convened to determine answers to the Great Question Of Life, and the answer is found to be Potatoism. Soon it's stake-and-potatoes for Robbie and Earl, when Robbie rejects the elders' wisdom and the duo is sentenced to be burned as infidels. But a gust of wind extinguishes the fire, and with it dies the people's belief in the message of The Great Potato.


  1. i remember this episode when it first came out in the 80's and I loved it.

  2. It says it was first broadcast in June 1994 on ABC :o

    I don't remember any episode at all, I just remember having watched this show a lot as a kid, (born in 88) and this episode might just have been what inspired me too seek out the ways of the truth!

  3. You are correct.  I misremembered the date.  But I did see this episode.

  4. What this made it on tv in 1994?

    Any conflict with this? its blatantly freethinking :P

  5. This is clearly not atheist, but wonderfully anti-religion.  Would love to see the storm it would raise if shown today.

  6. It's not just anti-religious, it's anti-totalitarian. Despite the brilliance of the screenwriting, the fact that you're watching people in dinosaur suits makes the issue less of a concern.

  7. it should be required viewing for every 8th grade civics class.... or wait we don't have civics classes anymore...

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