Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Christopher Hitchens Slams Vatican, Pope Over Sex Abuse Scandal

March 30, 2010 on MSNBC's Morning Joe
From Huffington Post:
Christopher Hitchens, whose antagonism towards religion is well-established, had harsh words for the Catholic Church, and the Pope in particular, during an appearance on "Morning Joe" today.
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  1. Aside from the news. Is it just me or does Hitchens really not look well (booze jokes incoming)?

  2. @keith
    no, I see it too he does seem a little grey, maybe it was a little too early in the morning for him (I don't know when the show is tapped but I'm asuming the time is in the title of the show "Morning Joe")

  3. <span>
    <p>I do recall him mentioning that he stopped smoking recently which was certainly welcome news.  But I also noticed a bottle of something tucked away in his latest interview with Bill Maher, and it looked more like a bottle of beer than a bottle of water.
    </p><p>And in that conversation "The Only Subject is Love" he looked like he'd just gone over his recommended pre-interview drink limit.
    </p><p>If he can stop smoking, and volunteer for a 2nd dose of waterboarding, then hopefully he can recognize and keep the booze at a safe level.

  4. <span><span><span>Beware</span> <span>of</span> <span>Men</span> <span>in</span> <span>Dresses</span></span></span>

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