Monday, February 15, 2010

A Perfect Circle: Judith



  1. I remember when this song was released in NZ it was played on channel four all the time in the ad breaks.  The person who selcted it may have been unaware of the lyrics due to the absence of lyrics on the cd cover.

    Monumental cock up that was all pre-watershed.  Lmao

    Maynard  Keenan expanded on this song about his mother Judith Marie on the last Tool album.

    Wings for Marie (pt 1.)


    10,000 Days (Wings pt2.)

  2. Yes! Big Tool and APC fan here. Great to see that Maynard's art can inspire others in their free thinking and good to see other's enjoy it!

  3. Awesome tune.  I'm looking forward to Maynard's documentary.

  4. isnt the drummer for tool a big kook that believes in lots of woo?  not sure, just asking.

  5. Yes he is interested in the occult - enochian symbols, geometric designs etc...

    Whatever his beliefs are, may he continue to deliver massive drum sounds for us to devour.  Bring on the next Tool album..

  6. Forgot to add this jem,  he is playing along to Rosetta Stoned.