Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Roeder: Killing Dr. Tiller Was Justified

January 12, 2010 on CBS News
A judge in Kansas has sparked uproar by permitting a confessed murderer to argue that he was justified in killing an abortion doctor.

Scott Roeder, 51, an airport shuttle bus driver with a history of schizophrenia, admitted that he shot George Tiller in the head at the start of a church service in Wichita in May.

Roeder claimed that the killing was justified because Dr Tiller — nicknamed “Tiller the Baby Killer” by anti-abortion activists — was one of only four doctors in America willing to perform late-term abortions.

In court papers filed yesterday defence lawyers said: “In the mind of Mr Roeder the victim presented a clear danger to unborn children.”
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  1. So Roeder killed this doctor, who had sperm in his body... Shouldn't he be upset that by killing this doctor he also killed millions of possible babies that were in his body?  Babykiller! ha. 

  2. It would be a really bad example if Roeder only gets a light 5-year sentence for killing a doctor. We can only imagine what could happen next...

  3. He did let-term abortions?  That's sick.  absolutely sick.

  4. they kept on saying how the judge would fail in NOT making the court case about abortion. thats pretty stupid if you ask me. this case has NOTHING to do with abortion. dr tiller was killed in cold blood, and its clearly a first degree murder. i would hope that america's justice system is not feeble as to fall under the pretenses of "it was justified". i guess we'll see

  5. As a rational Kansan, I am appalled about the judge letting this defense in. Even my anti-abortion neighbors are sickened by this murder. Perhaps this judge is laying the groundwork to reduce the chance of appeal issues but, the fact is that his decision is replusive to every law-abiding moral person.

  6. Let's see, Roeder thought he was serving the will of his god by killing this doctor. And he also thought he was serving the will of the people, such as Bill O'Reilly by killing this doctor. Just goes to show that only weak-minded people follow religion. No one is more of a danger to society than he who is easily manipulated by unproven beliefs.

  7. @Andrew Clunn
    Before judging too harshly, read up on what kinds of late term abortions Tiller was performing. It concerns mainly babies that suffered from strong disfigurement or other severe ailments. Most of them lethal, some of them also horrible in other ways (pain, inability to breathe etc).

  8. <span style="font-family: Arial; ">It doesn't matter what Tiller did. Roeder deliberately sought out and murdered him and there is no excuse. He deserves the maximum punishment Kansas has.</span>

  9. I would love to kill one of these baby murderer's!
    I wouldn't lose a second of sleep.
    Think of how many lives Roeder saved. He is a true hero in my eyes.
    This is no more murder then if a guy shot dead a person about to kill a child.
    I love the fact Roeder shot this killer in his own church. No church should allow an unrepentent
    baby murderer in their mist! They got what they deserved.

  10. I bet it would matter if he killed your family.
    Dumb ass!

  11. The guy should get a medal!
    What happens next is, no more late term abortions!
    No doctor would dare kill another baby.
    You people don't give a damn about the rights of the baby.
    Tiller was a cold blooded murderer who deserved to be executed.

  12. <span>For one thing, I am pro-life. I oppose abortion. But there is no defense of Roeder, he is a murderer. 
    If you want to stop abortion change the law., vote out pro-choice politicians. Don't hunt down and murder people, acting like a animal. 
    Do you seriously think this helps the pro-life cause by murdering abortion doctors? It hurts it, badly.</span>

  13. Do you fight for animal rights as well? They re alive 2 you know...