Friday, January 1, 2010

Richard Saunders vs. Astrologer Milton Black

Australian Skeptics
(Thanks Bryce)


  1. WOW! This might be one of the funniest, and epic ownages of all time

  2. "I'm a professional..." yeah, you're a professional CHARLATAN fucker!! Lol

  3. Those ridiculous skeptics, with their facts and evidence...

  4. I would love to see a follow-up on that.

  5. That's amazing!

    He perfectly described my character too! And most of the people I've ever met!


  6. <span style="">Jan Kurrels </span>
    I saw the show on “Sunrise” and thought it was a nothing interview. People are making a lot of noise out of nothing. I am not a believer in astrology and I believe Richard was wrong in his prognosis.

    If he was born on the 23rd November (as he said) he is a Sagittaius in the astrological term as Milton stated, not a Scorpio.

    According to the Astrophysics Department of the Australian National University, the Sun would have been in the ecliptic of Sagittarius on that day. So what is all the hoo har about?

    I went to Milton Black’s website to take a look for myself and I found the “What’s New” page very interesting (for a non believer) and he appears quite accurate with the dates he has forcast?

    At least this gentleman appears to write about his subject in a practical and entertaining way, this is perhaps the reason he receives such a huge following around the globe.

    I must admit, I do agree with Milton Black’s therory on Global Warming, so he must have something right. I also see his name and bio is published in the Australian “Who’s Who”, so obviously he is recognised by those who think he should be there?

    Jan Kurrels PHD
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