Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pat Robertson Praises Brit Hume

January 5, 2010 on the Christian Broadcasting Network


  1. Naaaaw Brit wasn't proselytizing. :roll-eyes:  'Cuz the CBN is unbiased. :roll-eyes:  Holy Shite, I'm going to have to take a tylenol and scare off this headache-demon.

    Notice how Brit's background gives him absolutely no justification, whatsoever, in offering a message of salvation and redemption to Tiger Woods.  WTF does his son's issues (for that matter, his own) have to do with Tiger?

    Pat needs more banana-yellow ties.

  2. The problem is that viewers cannot easily separate fact from opinion and tend to believe everything that is spoken from their TV personailty authority figures!

    Please, lets have more critical thinking and honest debate rather than opinions... my god is better than your god, my way is straighter than yours, my opinion is better than yours! I would prefer an honest assessment about what forgiveness is, why it is important, what MANY different religions have to offer in terms of forgiveness, how it is healthy to forgive, be humble, and move on. How atheists are just as moral / immoral and can also forgive and be humble, etc.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/v/7Zv9AgwKAE0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140
    Can't say anything about your faith but you can waste your time and your bad advice on shit as trivial as this. "anything you can can do i can do beter. I can do anything better than you" No you can't

  4. Unfortunately<span></span> for<span></span> many,<span></span> Brit<span></span> Hume<span></span> was<span></span> correct.<span></span> Jesus<span></span> said<span></span> he<span></span> came<span></span> to<span></span> save<span></span> not<span></span> to<span></span> judge.<span></span> Jesus<span></span> said,<span></span> "I<span></span> am<span></span> the<span></span> way,<span></span> truth<span></span> and<span></span> life...no<span></span> one<span></span> comes<span></span> to<span></span> the<span></span> Father<span></span> but<span></span> through<span></span> me."<span></span> No<span></span> one<span></span> knows<span></span> when<span></span> Christ<span></span> will<span></span> return<span></span> for<span></span> his<span></span> children,<span></span> but<span></span> you<span></span> either<span></span> believe<span></span> in<span></span> Christ's<span></span> saving<span></span> power<span></span> over<span></span> sin,<span></span> or<span></span> start<span></span> storing<span></span> as<span></span> much<span></span> 20,000<span></span> sunblock<span></span> as<span></span> you<span></span> can,<span></span> because<span></span> it's<span></span> going<span></span> to<span></span> get<span></span> pretty<span></span> hot<span></span> around<span></span> here...and<span></span> it<span></span> won't<span></span> be<span></span> global<span></span> warming.<span></span> Peace.

  5. Bill did you smoke some crack??

  6. No.
    I pray for you to get some sense before it's too late. All the "I know what I'm doing and I think you're an idiot to believe all this Bible and Jesus stuff" folks will someday have to realize they were wrong and they'll be face to face with the same judgement as everyone else. Then it will be too late. Have you ever thought about that? What happens if you're wrong?
    Oh well, I don't think you'll take this at all seriously, so enjoy your little tirade into thinking you control "anything" and have fun while it lasts. Remember, you're either serving your Creator who loves you unconditionally, or you're a slave to Satan who is the Prince of lies and will sniff you out in a heartbeat if he so chooses.
    Your choice.