Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ireland's First Certified Atheist Interviewed on Newstalk Radio

Ken McCue has been officially certified an Atheist by the Vatican.
(via Atheist Ireland)


  1. What a ridiculous process.

  2. Saying "I deny the holy spirit" in public seems much easier

  3. This hardcore atheism is not necesary and kinda piss me off: think about it, this guy went with the seculars (whatever) so they prove him an atheist?
    More like an attentionwhore to me.

  4. What if I was to say: "You're just saying that because you're an attentionwhore."?
    See how it doesn't work as a valid argument?

    Also: "Hardcore atheism" my ass. You either believe in gods or you don't. If you don't know, you don't. Policy is proportionally influenced by the RCC based on the appearant size of the catholic voting block so this wasn't a superficial matter either.

    "this guy went with the seculars" is that even supposed to make any kind of sense? Secularism is the seperation of church and state. This was about getting one organization to stop counting him as one of their own and cease and desist their misrepresentation of his position.

  5. Religion $tinks of mon£yJanuary 20, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Wow, what an eye opener. The lengths he had to go through.

  6. This was an important initiative, especially in Ireland with its culture of once a catholic, always a catholic. It doesn't matter what you say, they still count you as one of their own.

    Honestly it would be easier for someone to leave S.P.E.C.T.R.E than the Brotherhood of the Dammed!

  7. I am amazed. I didn't realize that Ireland is such a religious country (any different then Islamist counties?) as they were suprised that a mealy 300 people wanted out . What has happened to reason and rational thought, and looking at the real world in the 21st century? This was rather depressing for me. The only hope is that young people with access to the internet will realize that their parents tales they are told about religion are really no different than the ones told about Santa Clause, unicorns, fairies, or leprichauns.

  8. I'm Irish actually, I'm 23 years old and most of my friends, both of my parents, my sister and lecturers are all atheists. Ireland isn't an especially religious country in practice. But the tradition is rooted deep, and surfaces in times of political or economic stress. In particular when issues such as abortion or divorce are raised (The former is illegal the latter legal after 4 years of seperation).

    This is because our republic is founded on a "special" relationship with the Catholic church that rears its hideous head even today. Largely due to the sectarian nature of the political resistance against British colonialism at the start of the twentieth century, when the republic was formed.

    Scarily enough Blasphemy, which is outlawed in the constitution, has recently been officially legislated against. And that is why groups like atheist Ireland are currently going to these lengths in publicising the huge and growing number of atheists in a country that the establishment would like to think supports its iron age agenda.

  9. He had to be declared sane because he DIDN'T believe in a great big invisible magic guy in the sky...hahaha...oh, the irony is delicious.