Friday, January 15, 2010

Father Knows Best How To Dodge Good Questions on God, Hell, and Free Will

January 15, 2010 on FOX News with Fr. Jonathan Morris
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  1. Now they're introducing robots because they're all afraid to show their faces when asking these legitimate questions?
    Why make a mockery out of them, since, as you can clearly see, the priest does not give satisfying answers.

    Or are these robots a reference to some American pop-cultural thing unknown to me?

  2. <p>PWND by their own FOX 'robots'! Two thumbs up for at least one FOX crew member (that doesn't happen often, but it's well deserved).
    <p>"Let me tell you, these robots are smarter than everybody else on this panel and unfortunately smarter than ME!"

  3. What the fuck? I found this to be creepy as hell.

  4. zZz, you speak the truth. I thought the exact same thing.

  5. They are afraid of legitamizing the critical questions by having real people ask them, Yes.  This way, they can be mocking and condescending without offending their guests.  The questions may have been gathered by "robots" too, as in, Twitter.

  6. <span><span>This is Fox trying to make a point - they know (obviously) that being zombies is not to be desired, but they have no suitable "derogatory" nickname for humanists; I suspect they're trying to tar us as robots, as if it was that simple.    
    I prefer "apes", but how often do you find a talking ape?  Asking such questions with dressed up cavemen would be more impressive, Faux.  Get your game on already.    
    Of course, we're not robots, nor did we ever claim to be, but since we-all insist on relying on "genetic code" it gives them all the leverage their stone-age conceptions of humor and wit require.  Let the babies have their candy.  It's nothing to find "creepy", so much as watching grown men score points off their own production efforts, by putting words into cartoon human mouths.  Much creepier is how often can you find a christian "zombie" embracing the moniker (turning the other cheek), as if it were a good thing.    
    This represents proselytizing, just as much as it did with Brit Hume, except worse.  This "father" does not deserve the title, since he does not, and can never, earn it.  Screw you, Jon Boy.</span></span>

  7. This is one of the funniest segments I've seen on Fox News in my entire life. Seriously! They need this every week. Hilarious!

  8. The "robots" are a segment of the show where they would ask far right questions as political commentary, without actually having to hold discussions about what was being brought up. For example, the Daily Kos and Geoerge Soros have been topics of the robots before. Think of them as animated political cartoons.

    It's comforting that they're also using them to absolutely destroy the "Father" in this segment. Where's your big book of answers now, Mr. Morris?

  9. Religion $tinks of mon£yJanuary 16, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    Is this programme targeting Children? I think if I were a catholic I would be fairly annoyed about
    the patronising tone of Father and the rest. Father strikes me as a rather shallow, souless individual....a tad cold too.

    I loved his answer to the heaven/hell question. You have free will? Bollocks you have a choice of either heaven or hell, it´s blackmail. God is a dictator according to this jerk.

    I think this show should banned from Children from under a certain age.

  10. This represents a new low for Fox news...Is this how desparate they have become?

  11. Meanwhile, in Haiti...

  12. No lakes of fire in the modern (I'm guessing post-Vatican II) catholic hell, just the absence of God. That sounds fair, almost too fair when you consider what an unfair and wrathful bastard God has been in general. Thank you, Lord, for not making me have to put up with Your crap for the rest of eternity.