Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Show: What's the Best Religion for Tiger Woods?

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January 4, 2010 on The Daily Show
Viewers in Canada can watch it here
The Best F**king News Team helps Tiger Woods find forgiveness by recommending the best religion for redemption.
(via Gotcha Media)


  1. It's really quite a shame that the user who posted the video chose to use the bit at the end with Jon Oliver made up as an alien from Avatar as the freeze-frame that you see before you click "play".


    Because it's obvious watching the video that that was meant to be the surprise reveal at the end.  It was a holdout joke to spring on you by surprise at the end.  By choosing it as the initial freezeframe image, it's sort of a spoiler.

    Other than that, it was a good bit.

  2. So they make a dig at Budhism, Catholcism, Jehova's Witnesses, Islam and eco-crazy gaia theory nature worship... as well as media that's all flash and no substance?  Oh it's so amazing.  But not amazing enough to spell check this post.

  3. it is a comedy show, don't pick it apart,. the Jon Stewart show is one of the more truthful shows on tv. it was great skit. I agree that they should of shown a different pic in the frame before you play it, but that is how it is on Comedy Central.