Sunday, January 17, 2010

BBC Horizon: Why Do Viruses Kill?

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Aired January 16, 2010 on BBC Two
Just months ago, the world stood in fear of an emerging new disease that threatened to kill millions. A new flu variant H1N1 had arrived. In the UK alone, 65,000 deaths were predicted. Yet to date, these dire warnings have not materialised.

If this latest pandemic has taught anything, it is just how little is understood about the invisible world of viruses. But that has not stopped scientists trying.

Horizon follows the leading researchers from across the world, who are attempting to unravel the many secrets of viruses to understand when and why they kill.


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  2. I couldn't watch but 30 seconds of this video. The music and the phrasing of everything was so alarmist and ridiculous it was just annoying. Say things like "and we don't even really know why virus' exist or how they work!" (not exactly a direct quote).


  3. <p>..your conclusions based on the 99.14% (quite exactly) you didn't watch..