Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tsunami: Where Was God? (Richard Dawkins)

December 25, 2009 from the C4 documentary 'Tsunami: Where Was God?'
(Thanks TreVelocita)


  1. In my view the religious answer fails at every level
    1. exists and didn't stop it
    2. exists and allowed or even made it to happen
    3. invented tsunamis
    4. tsunamis wouldn't matter if humans weren't so fragile. I mean c'mon, a few minutes without oxygene could render a person braindead

  2. <span>If a building is built to withstand a 5 point earthquake and an unexpected 8 pointer hits, do we blame the construction when it falls or do we blame God? If no people were killed in the tsunami would we instead be thanking God? Probably. Either way it's a total load.

    The host of this show also says "dialogue of the deaf". I'd add blind to that. That's what this entire argument is. People can try to answer the unknown if they wish but they should acknowledge doubt. Wars are still fought over this kind of indefensible crap.

  3. I can't view this in the uk. alternative link welcome

  4. God protects not our flesh but our souls. R.I.P. to the victims.
    Lol @ Dorkins Science God.  :-D

  5. "A Different View", I hope I haven't misunderstood but it seems you believe in a god of some description. Is your god one who can intervene in events like the tsunami or other such disasters? And if so, can you provide your reasoning for why your god allowed the tsunami to occur and to wipe out thousands of apparently innocent men, women and children? 

  6. Full documentary is here:

  7. You can also see this on for a short while. Dawkins is about 1 hour 25 minutes in.

    Its not a very good documentary though. The presenter mentions the Westboro Baptist Church who are known for having uncompromising and extreme views but this isn't mentioned here and they are presented as mainstream.

    Dawkins makes reference to the Spinozan god and the presenter then leaps on this as having Dawkins leaving the door open for some kind of god which means there is 'hope'. He took this completely out of context.