Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sarah Palin Says US Should Rededicate Itself to God

From Telegraph:
The former US vice-presidential candidate argued that a humble spirit could help leaders to get more answers on issues such as health care, energy and national security.

In a video released Friday by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president, said it was important for leaders to recognise they don't have all the answers.

Mrs Palin said: "No one person has all the right answers. It takes a united nation, and it does take godly counsel, and it takes prayer and answers to prayer - and a collective humble heart of a nation seeking God's hand of protection and his blessings of prosperity.

"I think if we can get back to that, our country will be a safer, more prosperous and healthier nation."

[...] She said the United States has been "touched by God" because the nation's early leaders dedicated the country to God.
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