Monday, December 28, 2009

Official Vatican Newspaper Under Fire for Endorsing 'The Simpsons'

December 27, 2009 on FOX News


  1. "The devil is in the details." - What's with all these pithy, non-scriptural truisms of late?  "Father" could use a new writer...

    I found the Simpsons endorsement to be more than a little desperate - why not simply accept that the Simpsons mythos has more bearing on modern ethics than dogma does?  "A guilty pleasure" or "Inappropriate for kids" coming from a blackened pot.

    Nothing kills the fanatics like laughter, that's why the Simpsons is totally appropriate for kids and "American culture".  Who's the fake-Father to talk about superficial treatment?

  2. "The Simpsons are bad for American culture." Give me a break. The Simpsons are a part of American culture.

  3. Father Jonathon continues to reinforce the strong correlation between celibacy and idiocy.

  4. Giggle? Father is in dire need of a good hard fuck by the sounds of it. 

  5. I was honestly expecting to hear "I get that it's satire, I just don't agree with it", which is the reaction from all who are satired. And no, they probably don't get anything right from his point of view. They are pointing out obvious flaws and contradictions in major religions, his included, not writing doctorate theses in theology. It's only a comedy show.

    Poor, naive Father Morris... It begs the question, Do fishes in barrels know they are targets?

  6. <span style="">"Prayer has no place in the public schools, just like facts have no place in organized religion."</span>
    <span style="">– Superintendent Chalmers</span>