Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Master Plan (Movie)

The Master Plan is a feature film about Christian youth culture in suburban America, and a teen girl’s struggle with evangelical Christianity. Critic Greg Wright called our film, “One of the most visually arresting Indie films you will ever see”, and “An honest, balanced, and compassionate look at the struggles of Evangelical teens that achieves much more than you’d expect.” We also recently won an award at the Columbus International Film Festival.

The Master Plan features Sarah Mahoney, Heidi Van Horne, Virginia Wilcox, Nicole Mosbacher and Sabin Rich. It was written and directed by Aron Campisano. Aron is currently producing his next film, Adventure!!!
(via Friendly Atheist)

1 comment:

  1. Boring movie. Badly written and acted. No plot. Filled with cliches instead of characters. Meaningless religious mumbo-jumbo passed off as deep insights.

    Absolutely no reason to waste your time on this, no matter your religious beliefs.

    Somebody should, however, design the "Jesus buddy" website.  That would be fun to play with.