Tuesday, December 29, 2009

James Randi on Parapsychology



  1. Randi is not the most respectable recourse for atheist minds to listen to.

    His anecdote is not representable at all. You should not keep looking to the petri-dish simply because its not doing what you would expect it to do. You should question your reasoning and methods by wich you create the culture in wich you expect something to happen. So to the parapsychologists; don't stick to your career simply because holding on to something because you think something will happen is a respectable scientific thing to do. Start questioning why you don't make progress in the things you try to explain and accept and advance your view of the world as science is supposed to. 

  2. But dmabus, if they added comment moderation we wouldn't have the pleasure of laughing at your nuttiness :)

  3. <span>NO, Randi is not the most respectable recourse for atheist minds to listen to. He's </span><span>the most respectable recourse for ANY mind to listen to. He's a fucking national treasure. Even though I disagree with his point here about fervent unproven belief having anything to do with science.

  4. I think what hes trying to say is that u goto be stubborn sometimes. But he never says they claim what they believe. They re just looking for evidence becuz they think its there to be found. Nothing wrong with that acc maybe that its a waste of time. But on the other hand if they dont find anything they strengthen the case for the opposition so its not a complete waste of time. And that is what science is all about.