Saturday, November 14, 2009

Godless Billboard Moved After Threats

November 12, 2009 on WCPO:
CINCINNATI -- In the wake of multiple, significant threats, the downtown billboard that says Dont Believe In God? You are not alone came down early Thursday morning.

The billboard had gone up Tuesday afternoon at Reading Road and 12th Street, one block south of Liberty Street and it is being moved to a new site Thursday at the Sixth Street Viaduct.

[...] "Everything that has happened shows just how vital our message is," said Shawn Jeffers, co-coordinator for the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason. "It proves our point, that bigotry against people who don't believe in a god is still very real in America. Only when we atheists, agnostics and humanists come together and go public about our views will people have a chance to learn that we too are part of the community and deserve respect."
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