Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Atheists Helping the Homeless

Atheists Helping the Homeless is a new, and still very small group of Atheists who are helping the homeless here in Austin, Texas, by giving them free items that fall into the category of toiletries. Not food, mainly because that's already well covered by other help groups. Very few groups around here give out free toiletries, so we focus on filling that gap in help.

We've received donations of money and items to give away from all over the nation, but we need more. We need to let more Atheists know about this project, so we can help more homeless folks.

The goals of this project are, in order of priority:

1 To help some folks in need,
2 To show by example that the idea that Atheists don't care and don't help people in need, is very very false, and
3 To have fun.

We've already succeeded with all three of those goals with the four giveaways we've done so far. We're now doing them once per month, and the biggest challenge has been to spread the word about this all over, so we can get more donations, and help more people in need. 100% of all donations go to paying for these items we give out.
You can help by donating at

(Thanks to Joe Zamecki)
Also featured at Friendly Atheist

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