Friday, October 9, 2009

Richard Dawkins on CBC Radio Tapestry

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From CBC Tapestry:
“I would be glad if you didn't use the word ‘strident’, Richard Dawkins tells Newsweek magazine in the current issue. “I'm getting a little bit tired of it.”

Not a trace of stridency on Tuesday, when the world’s most famous atheist sat down with Tapestry - a programme about religion - for an hour-long conversation. His chat with Mary Hynes encompassed evolution, Darwin, creationists, wildflowers, atheism - and Dawkins’ lingering affection for the Church of England(?!).

A very dry sense of humour was in evidence during more than one exchange. At one point, Dawkins and Mary talked about the apparent hunger of religious believers to score converts among atheists, recent examples being the putative conversions of the novelist Terry Pratchett and the philosopher Antony Flew.
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