Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brother Richard of Atheist Nexus at AAI 2009

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From Secular Examiner:
I had just enough battery power in my two cameras to record 80 percent or so of the talk given by Richard Haynes of Atheist Nexus (a.k.a. "Brother Richard"). Haynes, a former preacher, is a natural speaker, and he has an earnest, simple quality about his oratory.

Haynes' talk addressed his loss of faith, his reasoning for the founding of Atheist Nexus (a social networking site exclusively for nonbelievers), and what atheists need to do to raise their profile and make progress toward social equality. (There was also a Q&A that went a little off the rails, so you'll see that's somewhat edited.) It, along with Parra's, were easily the most relevant and useful talks of the conference, particularly for me with their political and organizational focus, areas almost totally unaddressed in the other talks I attended.

Here, in four parts, are what I was able to record of Haynes' talk. The video quality is not great, my pocket-size cameras can get a little shaky, and I must say, I had a load of trouble with both my versions of iMovie getting this all to work. But the substance should all be there. You see, the rest of the conference's talks were professionally video recorded, leaving only these last to disappear into the ether.
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