Saturday, September 19, 2009

Richard Dawkins in Conversation with James Harding, Editor of The Times

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September 18, 2009 by Times online:
Richard Dawkins has a large and loyal following -- that, I always knew. Quite how large and loyal, though, I hadn't properly realised before arriving at the Institute of Education on Wednesday night, for his discussion with the Editor of The Times, James Harding. The event had quickly sold out, but I hadn't been prepared for the slightly shabby figure I encountered on my way in.

"Tickets, anybody need tickets? Buy or sell," he was saying. Yes, Richard Dawkins is now a target for touts.

If you missed the event -- or baulked at paying tout prices -- don't worry. A Times video of the proceedings is posted above.

The event was held to celebrate Professor Dawkins's new book, The Greatest Show on Earth, which explains the vast amount of evidence that exists for evolution. The Times published extracts earlier this month, as well as an interview with him. I thoroughly recommend it -- and the review by my colleague and fellow Science Central blogger, Anjana Ahuja.
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