Monday, September 7, 2009

No Flogging for Trouser-Wearing Woman in Sudan

September 7, 2009 on AP
A woman who's been convicted of public indecency in Sudan for wearing trousers in public is vowing not to pay a $200 fine. Instead, Lubna Hussein says she'll take a month in prison, as a further protest of Sudan's morality laws.

After her arrest in July, the 43-year-old journalist set out to challenge the police and courts, and to try to embarrass Sudan's government. Because she worked for a U.N. agency, she had immunity from prosecution -- but she chose to quit her job so she could go to trial.

Her prosecution -- and a possible sentence including flogging -- drew an international outcry. But she was spared the flogging sentence. Her lawyer says the judge apparently opted for a fine instead of flogging to avoid international criticism.

During today's session, police rounded up about 40 women who were protesting outside the courthouse in support of Hussein. Some of them wore trousers in a sign of solidarity.
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