Monday, September 7, 2009

Judge Keeps Rifqa Bary in Florida, Seals Investigative Findings

September 4, 2009 on CNN - An update on this story
From Orlando Sentinel:
For an hour and a half Thursday, lawyers argued about how to handle the legal battle that has sprung up around Fathima Rifqa Bary, the tiny 17-year-old who ran away from her Muslim home in Ohio to the shelter of Christian evangelists in Orlando.

Never once, though, did they raise the core issue: Should she be returned to her parents?

So for now, she will continue to be a ward of the state of Florida, living with an Orlando-area foster family.

Attorneys for the girl's parents had gone to court Thursday, hoping to get her sent back to Westerville, Ohio, her hometown.

They had ammunition to back up their argument: a report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that says her family poses no threat to her.

In Columbus, the Franklin County Department of Children Services has come to the same conclusion.
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