Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christianity: A History (2009)

Part 1: Jesus the Jew
Part 2: Rome
Part 3: Dark Ages
Part 4: Crusades
Part 5: Reformation
Part 6: Dark Continents
Part 7: God and the Scientists
Part 8: The Future of Christianity

UPDATE: Also available on Veoh (Thanks Mike)

Aired in 2009 on Channel 4
Ours is said to be a Godless age, yet billions remain faithful to religions thousands of years old.

This provocative eight-part series explores the history and global impact of the world's biggest religion through the personal views of leading British figures.

Over the course of the series, eight high-profile personalities - including Michael Portillo, Rageh Omaar, Kwame Kwei-Armah and Cherie Blair - look at the origins and history of the Christian faith.

In each film the presenter addresses a subject that means something particular to them. In doing so, they bring their own perspectives to a challenging and comprehensive debate that explores Christianity's role in shaping the modern world.
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