Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Las Vegas Woman Sees Jesus on Toilet Seat Sticker - UPDATED

August 4, 2009 on KTNV
A Las Vegas woman says she's seeing a sign from above when she answers nature's call. Magdalena Nelson's guest bathroom screams "I love Las Vegas." But while she was cleaning last week, she says an image of Jesus appeared on the bumper sticker on the toilet lid.

Her boyfriend now says he sees the image and it's given them a positive feeling after they almost lost their home to foreclosure. Nelson says she's even willing to let visitors come see it, if it might help them as well.
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UPDATE: Magdalena sent us an email:
Hey is is Magdalena the girl with Jesus in her toilet. Just cheking videos and wanted to say hi and thank you for piking up story.
UPDATE II: Another one!
So, Im the crazy Vegas chick with Jesus sighting in my toilet. First of all thanks for airing it and second thanks for the getting the sillyness of it. You guys understand my humor and I love your show!! Been watching your clips on other issues and laughing my ass off.


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